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Bowling Green Rental Homes Perfect for Families and Friends


Affordable Rental Homes in Bowling Green

Renting a home in Bowling Green is made easy with John Newlove Real Estate. Enjoy the perks of your own rental home without the hassle. Bowling Green rental homes offer sizable yards, competitive pricing and great neighborhoods to live in. Whether you're a young professional searching for your first place or a family in need of more space, Bowling Green rental homes are the right choice.


Family friendly for Bowling Green

Multiple bedrooms and quiet neighborhoods make rental homes from John Newlove Real estate the perfect match for new families. Two, three and four bedroom options are available throughout Bowling Green. Need space for children to play? Browse the John Newlove Real Estate listings and find homes with plenty of yard space for your family. 
Find a two, three or four bedroom rental home in Bowling Green on:

  • Second Street

  • Sixth Street

  • South College Drive

  • Eighth Street

  • Elm Street


Convenient and close to Bowling Green State University

John Newlove Real Estate offers many rental homes in close proximity to Bowling Green State University. Be close to the action when the Bowling Green Falcons take on rivals during the football and basketball seasons, or enjoy a show. Whether you work at the university, are finishing your degree or enjoy being near the heart of town, a Bowling Green rental homes offers a comfortable living. 


Everything you need in a rental home

Bowling Green rental homes offer a great location, but it's what's on the inside that counts. John Newlove Real Estate has multiple amenities to meet your needs and your price range. Choose from rental homes with dishwashers, laundry options or garages. Need air conditioning, two bathrooms or multiple car parking? John Newlove Real Estate has rental home options to meet your needs. Smoking is accepted in many of the Bowling Green rental homes. 

If you have any specific needs for your new rental home, be sure to speak with a John Newlove Real Estate associate. They'll find you a house to make your home. 


Ready for your new home? Contact John Newlove Real Estate to learn more about Bowling Green rental homes.