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Great Selections of Apartments for Rent in Bowling Green, Ohio

John Newlove Real Estate offers great deals on Bowling Green apartments for rent

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A permanent home may not be in the cards for some people. Perhaps the timing isn't right, or you're only relocating for college or a short-term job.  When it comes to Bowling Green, Ohio rental apartments, John Newlove Real Estate has a wide selection available apartments for rent. Stop in to John Newlove Real Estate to find out more about our apartments for rent, or check out the listings for rental apartments online. 

John Newlove Real Estate offers:


Location, location, location with rental apartments in Bowling Green, Ohio

While a roof over your head is an important part of choosing a new home, so is location. Bowling Green, Ohio boasts a small-town feel with plenty of shops, restaurants and nightlife to keep busy. John Newlove Real Estate has many rental apartments within walking distance of downtown. Enjoy a cup of coffee at a local cafe, stroll to the nearby library or grab a bite to eat at any of the bars or restaurants in Bowling Green, Ohio. For day-to-day needs, rental apartments in Bowling Green are also close to grocery stores,post offices, doctors' offices and assorted churches. Life is at your fingertips with a Bowling Green rental apartment from John Newlove Real Estate.

Apartments for rent in Bowling Green, Ohio are located at:

  • South College Drive

  • South Main Street

  • East Wooster Street

  • East Merry Street

  • Thurstin Avenue

  • Fourth Street

  • And many more


Flexible leases give rental apartments more wiggle room

Jobs, school and other obligations do not always revolve around an apartment lease. With John Newlove Real Estate, rental apartments in Bowling Green, Ohio have flexible leases to meet your needs. For students, leases can last the school year and John Newlove Real Estate is happy to accommodate graduate students' schedules. Rental apartment leases in Bowling Green can also begin in May or August, and summer options are also available. To find a lease, and the perfect Bowling Green rental apartment, to meet your needs, contact a John Newlove Real Estate associate to discuss your unique needs. 

Ready for your new home? Contact John Newlove Real Estate to learn more about Bowling Green, Ohio rental apartments.