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John Newlove Real Estate Offers Luxurious Villas and Condos

In Popular Bowling Green Neighborhoods


Beautiful Bowling Green Villas and Condos 

When the bustle of city life may be too much, Bowling Green condos and villas will be your sanctuary. Located on the fringe of the main city, Bowling Green condos and villas are far enough from the university for a relaxed atmosphere but close enough to enjoy the local restaurants and nightlife. Friendly neighbors and community centered condo associations make condos and villas the right choice. John Newlove Real Estate offers condos and villas in quiet neighborhoods, where families and professionals can unwind after a busy week. 

Browse the diverse selection of Bowling Green condos and villas and see the difference for yourself. Set up a tour of a condo or villa with John Newlove Real Estate today. 

Why chose a Bowling Green condo or villa?

  • Maintained yards and great outdoor views

  • Quiet neighborhoods

  • Great Bowling Green school districts

  • Suburban feel near urban areas

  • Two, three and four bedroom condos and villas available

  • Fireplaces, walk-in closets and more!


Enjoying the great outdoors

John Newlove Real Estate condos and villas in Bowling Green offer beauty inside and out. Enjoy water views and quiet streets, perfect for backyard barbeques and afternoons with friends. Well-kept lawns offer great places for children to play or for a game of Frisbee with your dog. Many Bowling Green condos and villas also offer outdoor maintenance. Let the condo association keep the flower beds neat and sidewalks shoveled, and you get to enjoy an excellent outdoors. 

Indulge in Bowling Green condos and villas

Bowling Green condos and villas offer luxury for affordable prices. Common amenities in condos and townhouses are washers and dryers, kitchen appliances, walk-in closets and air conditioning. Enjoy fireplaces, wood floors and spectacular views from wide windows. Garages offer ample space for work benches or storage, and patios become an entertaining space in warmer months. Your new Bowling Green condo or villa from John Newlove Real Estate might be so comfortable, you may never want to leave!


Ready for your new home? Contact John Newlove Real Estate to learn more about Bowling Green condos and villas.